Through our relocation service we seek to simplify the arrival of those who come to live to Uruguay. During the last years, we have provided assessment to people and companies from many different countries: Argentina, Italy, Spain, Peru, South Africa and Nigeria, to mention some. The exposure to such a diversity of nationalities, has given us the best experience to facilitate a successful relocation to Uruguay.

The following modules describe our main focus:

  1. Residence: Our notary department leads the residence process, which includes obtaining the residence certificate, the Uruguay identity card, and converting the foreign driving license into a local one.
  2. Housing: We provide assessment on housing possibilities and neighborhoods according to every client´s needs. Once the property is chosen, we get involved in the contract negotiation and signature, formalization of the contract guarantee, and reception of the apartment/ house.
  3. Housekeeping: If the client is interested in hiring a housekeeper or maid, we provide guidance on how to affiliate the employee to the social security system, as well as on the salary curves and payment formalities that apply in Uruguay.
  4. Setting up: In order to help our clients have an enjoyable set up in Uruguay, we assess and conduct the hiring of the key household services (electricity, water, telephone, internet, gas, cable TV, alarms, etc). We help in the same manner in case of departure from the country.
  5. Company set up: If the need is to set up an entrepreneurial project or small company, we assess our clients on the right way to structure a company in Uruguay and then lead the set up. Accounting and consulting are also part of the service.

Besides the above stated, we provide assistance in the search for schools, clubs, health insurance, car purchase, and any other relevant aspect that is important for those who decide to come to live to Uruguay.

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